Mario Kart 8

Gamestop To Hold Mario Kart 8 Preview Event

Mario Kart 8 is just around the bend for players and Nintendo’s been quick to crank up the hype. In light of its anticipated release, public-access demos have now been confirmed for more than 2,700 GameStop stores across the United States.

Nintendo of America has confirmed these “Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Days” for May 17-18th and available to players from 12-4pm local time. Those that pre-order from GameStop directly or place them in before May 30th will also net an “exclusive double-sided poster” as a bonus. You can check your local stores’ availability for these demo days at Gamestop’s official store listings.

In the meantime, players can keep themselves up to date with the game’s latest tracks, items, and other features in its most recent trailer below:

Source: Gamestop via NintendoLife