Among The Sleep Coming To PlayStation 4

Krillbite Studio’s first person survival horror title, Among The Sleep, is coming to the PlayStation 4, along with support for Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual-reality headset. This news comes from an announcement from the PlayStation Blog.

Among The Sleep was funded by a successful Kickstarter project in May 2013. The project exceeded it’s original goal of $200,000, as it pulled in $248,358, and was backed by 8,110 people.

Among The Sleep was originally to be released on PC, Mac, and Linux, and shows the story of a two-year-old who is thrown into a supernatural nightmare. Basically think Amnesia from a two-year-old’s perspective with a friendly teddy bear and things that go bump in the night. The game takes place inside the child’s home, which is a mix between reality and dreams, as he explores his environment trying to figure out what is after him.

The game will be released sometime in the near future for PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4. Among The Sleep will also be one of the first games released for Project Morpheus. Project Morpheus is labeled as coming soon, but expect to hear more about pricing and a release date when E3 2014 rolls around.