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Square Enix Returns Profit

After last year’s disappointing financial results, which saw Square Enix take losses of up to $135 million, the company is in much better shape this time around. It’s annual report reveals that a profit of $65 million was made in the past 12 months, with net sales up 4.8 percent.

It also interestingly teased “large-scale online titles developed by Western studios starting from the fiscal year ending March 2015”. What these tittles are remains relatively unknown, as the only game we’ve heard about that closely resembles Square’s description is Deus Ex Universe, though we shouldn’t expect to see it until next year. 

This financial turnaround for the company is attributed to the successful commercial performances of select titles such as Thief, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Hitman, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Square Enix also admitted, several months ago, that it had lost its focus for several years and is looking to go back to developing hardcore JRPG games. February’s Bravely Default, a traditional JRPG released for 3DS, was looked at as an example by Square following the game’s healthy sales performance.

We expect the company to make some surprising announcements next month at E3, which we intend to cover.