GOG Spring Insomnia Sale

GOG Spring Insomnia Sale Begins Today

Let the madness begin. GOG.com has brought back the Insomnia Sale at the request of gamers. The annual sale offers huge discounts for 100 games in limited quantities. The sale began today at 2 P.M. GMT.

Each game is discounted one at a time until enough copies, usually around a couple hundred or so have been sold, then the next game goes up for sale until it runs out of copies and so on. The sale ends after all 100 games have run out of limited copies. The games on sale will be discounted up to 90% of

The 100 games on sale are to include Papers PleaseLeisure Suit Larry: Love for Sale, and Broken Age. Games that have been discounted so far include Evil GeniusBlitzkrieg Anthology and Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers.f.

As always with GOG.com, all games are completely free of Digital Rights Management, meaning the game will remain in a collection no matter how many times the game is installed.

GOG.com ran a Fall Insomnia Sale in Nov. 2013. The sale went well but famously came to a halt when Jack Keane 2 went on sale. The game was on sale for over two hours, as opposed the mere minutes that most games last before running out of copies. This infamously led to the game getting 5-star user reviews on the game’s page on GOG.com in an attempt to trick people into buying the game.

At the time of writing, the Spring Insomnia Sale is still running and can be accessed here.