Fairy Tail Episode 178 Review: Fairy Tactician

After last episode many fans were expecting some more development on the plan to rescue Lucy, however that wasn’t the case. The only information we seemed to get from the plan was Mirajane using her transformation magic to take on the appearance of one of the Kingdom’s guards. Though it was nothing compared to her complete take over in season one, it was delightful to see more screen time for her and watch her interact with Natsu and Lucy, even if it was for a little while. We also see Happy using the same disguise trick he used in the Adolas arc. It seems like Natsu, his plans rarely differ from each other. Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it is a joke that has been re-done a few times now and it’s losing its effectiveness.

Along with Happy’s typical bad plans we also get Natsu being destructive, which even though he does this in nearly every episode in Fairy Tail history he seems to concentrate his destruction when saving Lucy. It seems as if his main goal is to save his teammate and not break every building in his way. Luckily, along with more Mirajane we have more screen time for Wendy as well. It’s nice to see that the animators aren’t leaving her on the sideline as they did for a bulk of the earlier arcs. As this arc is based on the dragons, it would make sense for her to contribute towards the dialogue and execution of plans onscreen.


At the Grand Magic Games we see that the Fairy Tail team seem to have a special strategy to dealing with the other teams. Though it seems that they are just standing still it becomes apparent that number one (Mavis Vermilion) have thought of a way for Fairy Tail to win, with every move thought of with precision. Mavis Vermilion was the first guild leader of Fairy Tail. During the Tenrou Island arc we see that she was able to create a body for herself using her Ethereal abilities which has stuck to this day. She had an unusual skill for creating critical movements and strategies during battle, which led Fairy Tail to victory back when she alive and earned the name  ‘Fairy Tactician.’ This talent is clear during this episode as she had laid out a plan to make sure Fairy Tail would win the games and bring Lucy back to the guild. Just from listening to her become passionate and use terms which one would use during world wars it’s clear she knows exactly what she’s talking about and how each team will react to her tactics.

ep 178

Part of her strategy was to wait. It seemed strange to begin with, but it made sense to let the other guild fight before attacking, It would mean that their magical energy would be decreased enough for Fairy Tail to have the upper hand and win. It helped that she knew where and when each guild would strike. All these components show the audience that she is very serious about winning the games for both glory and to bring Lucy back. It is in this episode we see just why she was called the Fairy Tactician and why she was the first guild leader. She has the passion, dedication and loyalty that defines Fairy Tail as a guild.

Overall it didn’t seem as if much particularly happened this episode, however it seems to be building up to something important to come, let’s hope next episode we find out more about the games and if Lucy is safe.