DriveClub PS Plus Edition Policy Reversed

Sony Reverses DriveClub PS Plus Upgrade Deal

Sony has pulled a U-turn on DriveClub. Sony announced today that they would be reversing a controversial policy for DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition. The new policy will allow the game to remain accessible upon the expiration of a Playstation Plus subscription.

“Our priority for DriveClub is to enable you to pay and enjoy everything it has to offer and Playstation recognises that the prior plan for DriveClub entitlement for the upgrade to the PS Plus Edition was not appropriate,” Sony wrote in a Playstation Blog post. “As a result, we have adjusted the Playstation Plus terms for DriveClub.”

“Now if you intend on downloading DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition, and upgrading to the full game experience, you will have access to the full game even if your Playstation Plus subscription runs out.”

Under the previous policy which was revealed alongside the game’s release date last week, Playstation Plus subscribers would receive a demo for the upcoming racing game that would feature 11 tracks, 10 cars and access to all games modes. Under this model, players could then upgrade to the full game for $49.99 however players would lose access to the game upon the expiration of their Playstation Plus subscription.

This model caused an outcry from Playstation fans and as a result, Sony has reversed the policy.

DriveClub is an upcoming socially-connected online racing game for the Playstation 4. The game is being developed by Evolution Studios, who were behind the Motorstorm series. DriveClub will make heavy use of the PS4’s share feature.

DriveClub is scheduled to release in North America and Europe in early October.