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Thursday Night Hearthstoners – Weekly Live Streaming

Do you love Blizzard’s free-to-play digital card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft? Enjoy watching people live stream a game as easily as you could play yourself? Enamored with the wonderful Leviathyn personalities of Chris, Cassidee and myself? Do you go crazy when persuasive arguments open with a bunch of cliché rhetorical questions?


Thursday Night Hearthstoners is a weekly live stream hosted on Leviathyn’s official twitch channel beginning at 11pm Eastern/ 8pm Pacific where a group of us gather together to throw down in Hearthstone. The cast of characters often rotates and we typically stage in-house tournaments versus each other, or help one another with Arena runs or Ranked play. We’ve even been known to accept challengers from the twitch chat – it’s the beauty of a free-to-play title that anyone can jump on and join us.

Though we’ve sunk dozens of hours into Hearthstone we’re far from experts, and prefer to spend our live sessions discussing games, gaming culture and industry, or just cracking jokes. Occasionally we even talk about Hearthstone! Rarely, we may even play a different game entirely….

To get in on the action or just hang out with us, tune into the stream below at 8pm Pacific. You can keep up with our live streams by following us on twitch.
Watch live video from LeviathynTV on www.twitch.tv

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