SMITE Siege Mode

SMITE Patch Introduces Siege Mode, Egyptian God Osiris

SMITE is getting twice the usual content in today’s patch. Hi-Rez Studios rolled out the latest patch today for the MOBA game SMITE, adding Egyptian God Osiris as a playable character and a new game mode called Siege. According to the official patch notes, the new game mode is currently in beta stages and will be updated according to feedback from the community.

Siege mode is a 5v5 two-lane conquest map with a Mayan Theme. The game mode is similar to Conquest in that the victory conditions are the exact same. Getting kills earns points and for every hundred points a team earns, a siege weapon is spawned. In addition to the regular AI-controlled minions, siege weapons are used to take down the objectives such as towers, titans and the minion-spawning phoenixes.

In addition to siege mode, a new god has joined the ranks of playable characters. Osiris, the Egyptian God of the afterlife has been added in the patch. His character abilities, backstory and features are detailed in a trailer which can be viewed here.

This is the most recent character to be added to SMITE since the addition of the Sleeping Giant Kumbhakarna as a playable character in April. SMITE is free-to-play and can be downloaded at the official website here.