Shadowgate Remake Due This Summer

My first experience with Shadowgate came with the 1989 NES release, although by then the game had been available on Macintosh for a couple of years. Having dipped my toes into the adventure genre with another NES title Deja Vu, which was developed by the same team, I immediately fell in love with the supernatural plot, intense puzzles and oppressive atmosphere of Shadowgate. Now that two of the original developers have began the process of remaking the original via Kickstarter, hopefully a whole new generation can get in on the love.

In 2012, Karl Roelofs and Dave Marsh, two of the original developers of Shadowgate, formed Zojoi with the goal of bringing their point-and-click classic to the modern age. Having reached $137,232 as of now, of an original $120,000, it is safe to say that they aren’t the only ones who want to see it. Check out the trailer below to get an idea of why the game is so beloved.


“Dave and I are incredibly thrilled to be returning to Castle Shadowgate after all these years,” said Roelofs. “When we created the MacVenture series, we knew we had something special on our hands – the initial response from gamers around the world was overwhelming! Shadowgate has remained near and dear to not only our hearts but to those who remember the haunting original, greatly evidenced by the support our Kickstarter campaign generated.”

Although the Kickstarter is closed, if you are interested in backing the project and trying to reach a few more of their stretch goals (which include an expanded cavern section and Ouya support), or simply want to pre-order the game, you can check out their website here. Also, be sure to check out our interview with Dave Marsh concerning Shadowgate and Kickstarter hereShadowgate is currently scheduled for a release this summer on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.


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  1. RogueWatson

    Shadowgate was one of my first and favorite games on the NES. I backed this Kickstarter project back in 2012 and I’m super excited to see it remade.

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