Nobunaga the Fool Episode 17 Review: That Masked Man

Things are certainly escalating quickly in the seventeenth episode of Nobunaga the Fool. My predictions from last week proved to be accurate, although there were quite a few things that surprised me. Caesar seems to have some connections, and finally a love triangle forms between Himiko, Jeanne, and an unsuspecting Nobunaga.

To start the episode off, it becomes clear that Himiko is certainly not in the best of health. Already she has put some strain on herself, but now it seems like there is more to the young queen than what meets the eye. As discovered by Leonardo, who uses his experience as an artist as an excuse to do a medical exam on Himiko, Himiko does not have all that long to live as something to do with the ley lines in her body will eventually result in her death. The only question is: how much longer does she have left? She also tells Leonardo that he may have her body for research when she dies, in the hopes that maybe she is the last queen who will die at a young age because of her control over the ley lines.

ntf17_screenshot6While it had been alluded to that Nobu and Himiko had met many years ago, that story is finally told in this episode. Somehow, Nobu was able to enter a sacred place where Himiko was training. Claiming to have slain the monsters that spawn there, Nobu tells Himiko to laugh and not feel fear anymore. It was a cute moment, and I suppose that is probably where Himiko developed feelings for him in the first place, given the amount of times she has had a flashback to that moment.

While we are on the Himiko subject, lets discuss the triangle. After a conversation with Himiko, Jeanne admits her own feelings for Nobunaga. Amusingly, as Nobu enters the room both Himiko and Jeanne declare that the war has begun and that he should prepare himself. Nobu and Hideyoshi only glance at one another in confusion. My advice to Nobu: grab some sake and find somewhere comfortable to sit because sparks are about to fly.

ntf17_screenshot8Over on the Star of the West, Caesar and Mitsuhide are captured and escorted to what I can only assume is the capital. Yet for some reason, Caesar is set free when they arrive. Does he have some sort of connection that freed him? Or was he never really a prisoner to begin with? Sooner or later, that will be explained. Even Mitsu was rescued by the creepy keebler elf twins, of all people. I sure wish they would explain what the deal with those two is. Do they serve King Arthur? Do they serve Caesar? Who are they working for?

Speaking of King Arthur, his face is finally revealed to Alexander. Given his strangely celestial appearance, I can see why one would believe that King Arthur is the Savior King. The sight of his face makes Alexander cry, swearing to carry out the duty given to him by King Arthur. What is that duty? A full scale invasion of the Star of the East. Using a lot of brain washing and morale boosting speeches, Alexander rallies his forces and they depart for the Star of the East.

ntf17_screenshot9I had been wondering why Julius Caesar was wearing that mask, now it has finally been revealed. Apparently it was to cover a wound he received in a duel over a woman. Apparently the ladies like the mask, possibly because of the mysterious quality it gives to Caesar. Heck, Caesar seems to be depicted as a bit of a womanizer. He even calls Mitsu out on not being able to confess his own feelings for Ichihime, saying that Mitsu cannot make her happy and that he (Caesar) can. Was Caesar trying to work Mitsu up so that he’d try to escape? Or is he just saying that because he’s a schmuck?

In the next episode, the invasion will land on the Star of the East. It looks like next episode, The Emperor, is going to be an all out battle. The combatants from the Star of the West is unclear, aside from Alexander of course. I’d also like to mention that from what I’ve seen of it, Alexander’s Grand War Armor looks like some kind of transformer that was based off an Abrams Tank. Or at the very least it has the color of one. Either way, it is very tank like. I imagine his Grand War Armor will focus heavily on defense over offense. I guess we will find out next week.