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Monday Mysteries – The Pirates of Lego Island

Lego Island was a game built on exploration. You spend the entire game walking around the titular Lego Island, attempting to thwart the evil Brickster’s schemes. However, the seemingly peaceful Lego Island holds a dark secret. Beyond the wacky pizzerias and cheerful skateboarders, the island is hiding an uninvited guest. Yes, unbeknownst to the peaceful islanders, a pirate is living behind a door in the caves of Lego Island. Who is he? How did he get there? Most importantly, why is he locked behind a door? For this week’s Monday Mysteries, we’re taking the plunge into the depths of Lego Island to find answers.

Anybody who played Lego Island most likely knows of the infamous Pirate’s Cave. Underneath Space Mountain, there’s a small cave featuring a locked door. If you click on it, you can chat with a character who is named Skeleton Pirate in the credits. He can offer you fourth-wall breaking advice, the most important being able to go into easy drive mode with the shift key. However, it’s actually impossible to open the door. Something young Perry wasn’t too happy about when he first played Lego Island.

However, with a little digging through other Lego games, you can find some hints about the mysterious pirate’s true identity. While he is mysteriously absent from the PC version of Lego Island 2, you can find a statue of the a skeleton wearing a conquistador’s helmet in his place in the Game Boy Color port of Lego Island 2. After knocking the statue down, you can find the collectible card of a skeleton named Captain Click. Captain Click also appears in the Sillicon Dream developed Lego Soccer Mania, albeit with a different costume. Leading the team known as The Skeleton Pirates, Captain Click is one of the games many rivals.



So now that we know the identity of the man behind the famous Lego Island pirate cave, it’s up to speculation how Captain Click got there in the first place. In Lego Island, Captain Click claims to be the son of a mermaid and King Neptune himself! If what he’s saying really is true, that’s more than enough reason for the Infomaniac to lock him up in a cave. That could also explain why he can talk despite being a skeleton, he’s a demigod!

However, it appears that not even the Infomaniac can keep away from the lure of Captain Click. On one of the many shelves in the information center, you can find a walkie-talkie of sorts. Clicking on the object will cause you to get a line of dialogue straight from good ol’ Captain Click. Is it possible that he’s the one giving the information to the Infomaniac? After all, you would expect a skeleton demigod to be much more wise than a bumbling old man who literally puts no security around the building that has the most powerful object in the entire franchise on top of a two story building.

However, the mystery of Lego Island‘s Captain Click doesn’t end there. One of Lego Island‘s best minigames was its racing, where you raced along a track filled with seemingly randomly themed obstacles. However, one of the most annoying is a skeleton wearing a conquistador helmet. Yes, just like our good friend Captain Click. Only this one is massive, and extremely hostile.


So what’s up with this version of Captain Click? I think I have a theory to connect the dots. Lego Island‘s racing minigame takes place beyond the door of Captain Click’s cave, in his own mysterious dimension. A dimension where pizza is your main obstacle and checkerboards are a replacement for roads. This is the full power of the godly Captain Click, a dangerous yet wise Lovecraftian horror sealed away behind the mysterious door of Lego Island, giving him the power to manipulate reality at his will.

It’s also quite possible that Captain Click’s door was just an abandoned sidequest in the game, or something that you weren’t supposed to care about. I don’t know, I find my theory more amusing.

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