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Tales From The Borderlands – New Screenshots Revealed

For those itching for Tales from the Borderlands, you’re in luck. Telltale has released a handful of new screenshots for the game, and has even given us some information regarding features that we can expect the game to include.

The full gallery of screen shots can be seen here, and include a look at some of the characters we will be introduced to in the game. The screenshots also show a dialogue HUD which is very similar to Telltale’s other successful game franchises, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. 

Tales From The Borderlands Screenshot


The game will take place after the events of Borderlands 2, and will revolve around two main characters. Players will play as Rhys; A company man from Hyperion and Fiona; a fast talking con artist. The story will see players playing through the events that brought the two together, living their lives and making key decisions.

Adam Sarasohn, Producer at Telltale says that Tales from the Borderlands will take a departure from the usually shoot-and-loot gameplay of previous Borderlands games, saying that: “Pandora has a wealth of stories to offer, and Gearbox wants them told. Telltale is going to collaborate with you through the choices that you make to get some of those stories out there, and to create a brand new Borderlands experience. If you play Borderlands simply for the sake of shooting stuff, then you might not be a fan of Tales, but if you enjoy being on Pandora, hanging out with and finding out more about all of the amazing characters, and/or you’ve enjoyed what we did in The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, then this might be a game series for you.”

Tales from the Borderlands will be available later this year, and fans will be able to purchase the game separately ($4.99 per episode) or collectively as a season pass.