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Under the Radar: Double Click Special – Inspire Me and The Breakout

Hello, everyone! In coming back from the land of the dead, I fully expected to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel (because nothing fun ever happens when I’m not involved). Instead I was surprised to find two point-and-click adventures that I could not decide between. That is, until I remembered I didn’t have to choose “between” them because I could just choose “both” of them. So, in double-clicking the link, you’ve found yourself in a double (point-and-)click paradise! Aren’t I clever?

Today, on Under the Radar, we’re taking a look at Inspire Me by Blyts and The Breakout by Pixel Trip Studios.


Inspire Me is a game about time. More importantly, it’s a game about how the main character named Kelvin broke time and now you have to help him fix it. In toying with his uncle’s time machine, Kelvin managed to destroy many of the achievements of the human race from Newton’s revelation about relativity to Da Vinci’s portrait of the Mona Lisa. Now Kelvin has to use the time machine to go back and inspire those exemplars of human ingenuity into recreating their masterpieces before his uncle finds out.

I don't know why ginger Hagrid is fishing but I love it.

I don’t know why ginger Hagrid is fishing but I love it.

The possibility of time machines becoming so easy to operate in the future that a child could operate them is terrifying, but the chance at tossing an apple at Newton’s stupid, powdered wig is too enticing to completely ignore. Although Blyts has done mostly mobile games in the past, the games have gotten generally positive reviews and their incredible cutesy style has infected Inspire Me in a good way. With bright colors and dopey-looking main character, Inspire Me has inspired me to think about how much it could be to make history. Even if I don’t quite agree with Steve Jobs being alongside Einstein or Tesla on the list of influential people in history.


Surprisingly, The Breakout is yet another game set in WW2. What is actually surprising though, is that The Breakout is not a shooter and you are not playing as a soldier. At least, not a soldier on the front lines. In The Breakout, you are shot down, placed in a German prisoner-of-war camp, and then given a team to try to break out. With a tagline like “how far can you get?” though, Pixel Trip does not look like they intend to pull any punches.

I'd watch this movie.

I’d watch this movie.

I’m interested in how they’ll manage all the aspects of the game as stealth tends to be something that requires finesses and…clicking a mouse tends to be a little more imprecise than most people prefer. It doesn’t hurt that the game is offering to let me play Prison Break the game but with a British ringleader.

Pixel Trip is billing The Breakout as a more adult adventure game, but that doesn’t mean they are planning on leaving out humor as the character reels available on their website are pretty funny. The art style is an interesting mix of papercraft but with something that reminds me of the better types of pixel artistry. And everything adds up to a game I’d be loath to let slip under the radar.

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