Fairy Tail Episode 177 Review: The Eclipse Project

It’s just the second episode of the new season and it’s already causing a stir in the community. Not only with the debatable animation but with the subliminal mixed messages Hiro seems to be sending, with yet more moments between Natsu and Lucy which ultimately leave the fans wondering yet again about the status of their relationship. However the bulk of this episode is focused solely on the Eclipse project. The Eclipse project is explained as a system using Magic drained from the participants in the Grand Magic Games to power its magic source as well as twelve keys and their Celestial Spirit Mage. The gate is then set  to be opened on July 7th, the same day as the dragons disappeared on. This system allows some wizards to travel back 400 years in time where they would kill Zeref before he could become what he is today. It’s stated by Arcadios that Celestial magic is needed as the spirits time span is different to the humans and could possibly be used to travel back in time.


This change of history is clearly explained throughout the episode and more so between Lucy and Yukino while they are imprisoned. Yukino tells the story of her older sister and that she is the reason she wants to open the portal. Lucy brings up a good point during this scene and tells her that it may bring her sister back but there is no way to truly know if that will be the case. She is being rational about the situation they are in and almost puts both the good and bad aspects of what may happen if the portal opens. As we know from any time travel media, there can always be side effects to changing the course of history. Defeating Zeref may seem like a rational thing to do, however it would change many things in the future. For example, the dragon slayers may not have their magic any more there for Natsu and the others would just be normal wizards. In turn this would mean that Natsu and Lucy would never had met while he was looking for Igneel, which again could mean Lucy may never become part of Fairy Tail.

 It seems the Kingdom are against them using the eclipse portal for the good reason that it will change the world’s time line and can produce many terrible outcomes. They make the argument of whether they should go ahead with it very balanced and it becomes hard to truly pick whether it would be a good idea to open the portal or not. However the kingdom seems to turn this balanced argument around when the royal army arrests Lucy and demand that if Fairy Tail win the Grand Magic Games Lucy’s freedom will be determined by an audience with the king. Though they do not seem to trust this statement, they go ahead, determined to win the games despite not having Natsu on their team. The swap of Natsu for Juvia seemed like a good idea as although Natsu was leading the team to rescue Lucy in the background the plan for Juvia was more in depth than that. Juiva’s magic is water and therefore compliments more of the team’s magic. She is also one of very few wizards that can pull off the Unison Raid spell which combines two wizard’s magics that are similar together to create a stronger attack. This spell can easily help them win the games as she can combine her magic with Gray’s to boost both of their powers as seen in season one.


Other than the team battling their way through the games there is also the team lead by Natsu to rescue Lucy. It seems a varied team, as we have the two dragon slayers (Natsu and Wendy) along with Mirajane. It’s been a while since we’ve seen her in action and it would be great to witness her transformation powers again after her full take over in season one. She is undoubtedly one of the strongest members but hides it behind the smiles as it’s clear she doesn’t see the need to be using it, but it’s good to see she will be getting some more screen time in the upcoming episodes.