GEEK CULTURED: 9 Awesome MST3K Items

You know you miss them...

You know you miss them…

Hello Geekdom, and welcome to GEEK CULTURED! A post dedicated to the different odds, and ends that can be found within the many fandoms that make this world go round!

Speaking of Fandoms there’s one in particular that’s the topic of this week’s post, and boy is it made up of die hard fans! We’re talking about people who have literally waited 14 years to revisit their pals “In the not too distant future…” and may be getting their chance real soon!

I’m talking of course about the fans of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, and whether you’re just simply a casual watcher of this beloved cult TV classic, a self proclaimed “MSTie”, or don’t know what the hell I’m talking about . . . Here are 9 essential items every fan needs to survive their stay on the Satellite of Love:

mst3k image 1

1: Mst3k logo shirt

Are the Mads getting you, well…mad? No worries! Simply slip on this comfortable fade resistant tee, and next time they phone you for their next invention exchange, you’ll be sure to wow them with your incredibly smart sense of style!

Go be stylin’ at…

MST3k image2

2: Mst3k scarf

Not that into t-shirts? Fear not! We know it gets oh so cold in deep space, which is why we’re happy to present the greatest scarf ever devised by Science! Wear this, and no force in the universe will be able to stop you (except maybe Gypsy when she’s angry)!

Go be toasty at…


3: Manos hands of fate baby onesie

So, you’re latest invention exchange turned one of the Bots into a baby? All is not lost! Put them in this stylish Manos onesie, and then maybe Crow will help you change Tom Servo’s diaper!

Get yours at…


4: “home sweet home…” art print

Sometimes it gets boring on the Satellite of Love, and there’s nothing to talk about. Change that all with this interesting conversation piece sure to get your creative juices flowing! Some questions may include:

“Where did the rest of Crow’s head go?”

“How did Joel get so chunky?”

“Did the Earth get nuked?”

And…”Just what is Tom Servo talking about this time?”

Feel tingly all over at…


5: “Robot Monster” art print

Get out your Gorilla suit, and Diving helmet! This one’s for the hardcore fans who fondly remember this “Surreal” episode of MST3K, and want to immortalize Joel and the Bots joking about the worst monster costume ever made!

Go bananas at…


6: 4 print set of Joel, Crow, Tom Servo, and the Mads

It’s the holiday season, and you’ve forgotten to take pictures for greeting cards? Fret No more! With these handy set of pictures you’ll have just what you need, and an extra one of the Mads to throw darts at!

Tis’ the season at…


7: Mst3k pint glass:

Need help forgetting you ever watched “Plan 9 From Outer Space”? Be sure to obliterate your brain cells with a nice interstellar brewski held in this pint glass made to commemorate the fact you survived one of the worst movies ever made!

Get smashed at…


8: Eco friendly Mst3k throw pillow:

Feel like cuddling, but only now realized how cold, and hard a robot feels when you hug it? Don’t you worry, we have just item for you! This warm, soft, cuddly pillow will be sure to meet the standards of your daily hug-cravings. Oh, and its Eco-Friendly, which would make you smile if it weren’t for the fact you haven’t been on earth in 25 years!

Cuddle something at…


9: Mst3k silhouette white board

So you need to come up with some jokes to shout out at the next movie time? We’ve got you covered! Just write your smarmy remarks on this whiteboard, and you’ll be all prepared for your next installment of impending doom!

Take your smartass to…

So…you managed to survive all this time on the Satellite of Love, and haven’t lost your mind?

That’s great news! Especially since the Mads have decided to replace you with a new test subject!


…but, wait a second…are you sure you want to leave the Satellite of Love?

I  mean…Things aren’t the same as they were in 1988…

You smile, and tell me “As long as America is still the worlds greatest nation on earth, people still go to libraries to look something up, and BetaMax is king I’ll be fine.”

You laugh maniacally as you’re launched down below to good old planet earth . . .

Oh well.