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Games Republic Launches Digital Store for Gamers

A recently launched online store, 11bit Studio’s Games Republic provides a way for gamers, bloggers, and streamers to monetize their crafts.

As gamers, we tend to promote what games we absolutely enjoy to our friends, acquaintances, and the random passer-by so they too can hopefully enjoy them as much as the rest of us. Games Republic lets you create an online marketplace to sell games you enjoy, and you can pick up your favorite titles (and a few new ones) to add to your gaming collection.

A digital storefront you can customize
Games Republic’s services doesn’t stop there. We all know the secret formula for a successful blog or livestream is the fans. In layman’s terms: fans+your awesome content=profit. For those gamers who blog or live-stream their experiences via regular blogging platform or, they are able to become an affiliate and earn money for the purchases your fans make through widgets you put on your page.

So how does it all work? You first start off with thinking up a name for your store. Make sure it is what you want as a final product because that will be your URL (example: bloggers use your blog name, pro gamers/livestreamers use gamertags, etc.) and upload some images to make it spiffy. Next, choose what games you want in your inventory. The storefront is yours to control. Drag and drop the titles from the list and arrange them in a way you would like.  Next, choose a widget type that fits best for your platforms and then relish in the fact you just helped your fanbase & friends find thousands of gaming titles while supporting you and your hobby (or livelihood).

It’s a pretty neat service that has a lot in store for it. Check it out, and leave your thoughts in the comments below!