Titanfall on Xbox 360: Playable, But Not Optimal

When it was announced that Respawn Entertainment would not be handling the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, many people immediately saw that as a point of concern. And people’s fears continued to fester when the 360 version was delayed a few weeks, although that was most likely a push from Microsoft in an attempt to sell more Xbox One consoles. From my personal experience, I can say that Titanfall on the 360 is a perfectly playable version of the game, but it’s definitely not the most optimal choice. If you have the luxury of playing it on a powerful PC or an Xbox One, then the 360 port shouldn’t even be considered.

From a technical standpoint, it’s crystal clear that Titanfall was built for stronger hardware. The overall graphics simply don’t look as sharp, and textures often take several seconds to materialize. The frame rate is wildly inconsistent, slowing down considerably when multiple Titans on screen are blowing up everything in sight. But when you’re running down a hallway alone, the frame rate turns into a buttery smooth 60, leading to some jarring moments.


In terms of its playability, Titanfall on the 360 is a perfectly fine version of the game. The free flowing, parkour-style movement with the pilot feels fantastic, and controlling the hulking monstrosity of the Titan is an empowering moment. That being said, there are a few complaints I have about the overall gameplay. Although gunning down the AI controlled grunts is a nice diversion that keeps the action popping, I would much rather be interacting with human controlled players, as I vastly prefer the human dynamic in the firefights. The AI minions usually just stand there and offer up almost no challenge whatsoever. It’s a shame that the player count is so low, as I can only dream how exhilarating a 16 on 16 match would be, with pilots wall-running all over the place and Titans laying waste to everything.

Regarding the feature set, the 360 is right on par with its more powerful brethren. All the standard game modes are available, and the update that put in private matches is implemented in the 360 version as well. The 360 version is also slated to receive all the DLC and game modes that the Xbox One and PC versions will get in the future. The first DLC pack, Expedition, is expected to release sometime in May.


It’s important to note, however, that my experience with Titanfall on the 360 may not be the one that everyone gets. Our very own Cassidee Moser said on the Leviacast that her experience with Titanfall on the 360 was a buggy mess that was filled with dropped connections and lockups. It’s impossible to know if there are any extraneous factors that may contribute to the quality of the 360 version of Titanfall, but just know that your experience with the game may differ from ours’ as well.