Sledgehammer Call of Duty Leaked Early – Titled Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer games was planning on releasing their version of the Call of Duty franchise but the cat is out of the bag now. Destructoid has leaked all the good stuff before Sledgehammer could make the announcement. 001-noscaleIt looks like Kevin Spacey, pictured above, will appear in the game, which has been previously confirmed, and now we see some screenshots of him and his role in the game. It will be titled Advanced Warfare and in the game you will follow a soldier of a fortune group, run by Spacey’s character, that has turned on and betrayed the US Government. It will feature even more advanced technology than we saw in Black Ops II including exosuits to be able to jump higher, scale buildings, and cloak themselves, in addition we will see hoverbikes added to the game. 007-noscale To see extra screenshots, video footage and gameplay of Advanced Warfare click here. What do you think of the upcoming Call of Duty? Do you like the future theme we’ve been seeing? What do you expect Sledgehammer to bring to set itself apart from other titles and developers like Activision, Treycarch, and Dice? Let us know in the comments below. Source: Destructoid