Child of Light Difficulty Renamed

Child of Light Difficulty Renamed in Upcoming Patch

Only two days after release, Ubisoft Montreal is already patching Child of Light. In a livestream interview, Writer Jeffery Yohalem told Joystiq that that the recently released RPG would be getting a patch that renames the difficulty settings from Normal and Hard to Casual and Expert.

Yohalem, who previously wrote Far Cry 3 for Ubisoft Montreal, explained that the reasoning behind the change is player-driven. “This has been an issue, obviously, that some people have had, and I think that the word ‘normal’ is a misrepresentation.” Yohalem further elaborated on what renaming means for players. “Casual is for people who want to experience the world and experience the adventure without having hard combat, and then expert is for people who love RPGs and who want to really have a challenge.

Ubisoft hasn’t yet confirmed when the patch will be available to download.

Child of Light is an RPG with platforming elements that was recently released by Ubisoft Montreal. It was developed using the UbiArt Framework engine, which was prominently put to use in Rayman Origins and in Rayman Legends. The game is currently available for $14.99 on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and Windows.