Mark of the Old Ones Kickstarter: Support Your Inner Lovecraft

Mark of the Old Ones, or MotOO for short as it has been identified by its developer, is a 2.5D Metroidvania physics platformer currently being Kickstarted by Philly-based game studio Hit the Sticks. Drawing video game inspiration from the likes of Zelda and Metroid, MotOO is a property that also touts lore steeped in Lovecraft mythos. The source material is bountiful and obvious for any eldritch enthusiast and has been put to great use just from the trailers and development logs that have been published thus far by the team. Hit the Sticks has pulled out all the stops in their intention for a Metroidvanian feel.

The setting, based deep underneath an unidentified mountain range, features a darkly prolific network of tunnels and chasms that dictate the architecture of a long lost society devoted to an otherworldly god. The area, known as Namaset, has been designed to be a fully interactive environment that can be manipulated to the whim of the player and their powers. The player character Mogal may appear to just be a mad jumble of tentacles free-floating in space but the HTS team has imbued a great deal of power onto our protagonist.


Mogal’s tendrils offer a complete 360 degree range of motion thanks to a clever adoption of twin analog stick control married to the designers’ kinematics systems that help breath realistic motion to a jellyfish standard. Along with the added abilities of speed-boosting, increasing mass and altering the direction of obstacles through magnetism, you are granted a powerful tool known as chronition. With chronition, players can slow the passage of time, allowing further hindsight to challenges that may lay out of sight and to cast light into areas that may only appear to be nothing more than abyssal darkness.

The title’s prevalent gothic motif and haunting soundtrack make for an eerily somber exploration fit for taking gamers on a dark and dangerous journey. A journey that has been created as a labor of love by the small crew at Hit the Sticks that have shown determination by the pound in what is currently their second attempt at acquiring funding via Kickstarter. Old Ones has been a passion project that, despite some private funding that has assisted efforts up to this point, is still in need of pledge assistance to reach their end goal.

When completed, the team intends to release MotOO builds on Windows 64 bit, OSX (10.7 or later) and Linux 64 bit (Ubuntu is officially supported). Within reason, the game may also seek to integrate into Steam’s existing platform along with possible future support from Sony’s PS4. At the time of publication, the team has received over $24,500 of pledged support against a projected $46,000 need with 7 days remaining in their Kickstarter campaign.


For more information & videos on the game or if you are interested in making a contribution to their cause, please visit their page here.