Intellectual Properties Ripe for the Telltale Games Treatment

Jurassic Park. The Walking Dead. Fables. Strong Bad. Back to the Future. What do all five of these properties have in common? Well, yes, they are pretty awesome. However, they have also all received point and click adventure adaptations from Telltale Games. Quickly becoming the king of modern day adventure games, Telltale scored a hit with The Walking Dead and are currently developing games based on both the successful Game of Thrones TV series as well as Gearbox’s darling Borderlands series. Telltale has done an unrealistically amazing job at capturing the tone of each property in their games, and it appears that they have nowhere to go but up. So what other franchises could Telltale tackle in the future?


Doctor Who DoctorWho

Yes, it’s true that there were some Doctor Who adventure games created by Sumo Digital. It’s also true that the aforementioned games were not very good. While Sumo can make excellent racing games, it’s obvious that they’re not very experienced in the adventure game department. While they are technically playable, they fail to capture anything that makes the show such a treat a delight to watch. However, Telltale have proven themselves masters of drama, horror, and even humor. Considering the tone of The Wolf Among Us, Doctor Who would be the most natural progression for Telltale.


The Twilight Zone TheTwilightZone

Despite its age, The Twilight Zone still manages to be one of the scariest pieces of media in existence, featuring self-contained bone chilling stories that have inspired many other works of horror. Honestly, I was torn between deciding if episodes from the original series like “Time Enough at Last” and “Number 12 Looks Just Like You” should be remade with new twists or to give Telltale full control to create new stories. It could be interesting to see a meld of both, giving old Twilight Zone concepts new ideas.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW Comics


Far away from the grasps of Hasbro’s marketing, Katie Cook and Andy Price have taken the My Little Pony franchise and transformed it into what a majority of bronies would love to believe the show was all along. With Monkey Island, Strong Bad, Poker Night, and Sam and Max under their belt, Telltale has proven themselves more than capable of producing quality humor and memorable character interactions. Plus, the unique art style of the comics could be a blast to see animated in the usual Telltale fashion.


Pulp Fiction SayWhatAgain

I do admit, I have a heavy bias with this one. It just so happens that Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all time, mostly for its character interactions. A Pulp Fiction adventure could take place before the very first scene, focusing on the deal with Marsellus Wallace involving the acquisition of the infamous briefcase. Or on the contrary, it could focus on Jules’ time spent wandering after the credits have rolled. No matter the plot, I would be more than happy to see Telltale capture the cast of Pulp Fiction with their usual finesse.