Sony Announces 12 New Indie Games For PlayStation

During their media event at Sony Computer Entertainment America HQ in San Mateo, California, PlayStation showcased a number of new indie titles coming to the PlayStation family.

The 12 big indie titles, which is headlined by the big reveal of Spelunky being released on the PlayStation 4, will be released sometime by this year. PlayStation has been on top of the indie gaming market for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, so it is nice to see more indie games coming to the console.

With more indie titles on the way, like The Swapper for the PlayStation 4, gamers will have a lot of games to play while waiting for the heavy-hitting fall season.

The full list of games announced today can be found below:

  • Nidhogg: One of the big breakout indie hits of 2014 makes its console debut.
  • Spelunky: Derek Yu’s beloved procedurally generated platformer. It will be in full 1080p with new social features.
  • Chasm: A visually stunning adventure platformer from Discord Games.
  • Skulls of the Shogun: The Bone-a-Fide Edition is a strategy/brawler hybrid.
  • Source: A very visual take on the Metroidvania genre from Fenix Fire Games.
  • Axiom Verge: An ambitious retro platformer with a twist.
  • Drifter: Celsius Game Studios serves up an enormous space exploration sandbox
  • Jamestown Plus: An OTT co-op shoot ‘em up from Final Form Games
  • Starwhal: Just the Tip: Breakfall’s addicting multiplayer comes to PlayStation
  • Escape Goat 2: An ingenious platformer from the ‘Double Fine Presents…” stable
  • Ironclad Tactics: Finely crafted strategy gameplay with some unexpected twists from Zachtronics
  • Apotheon An action platformer set in Ancient Greece from the talented AlienTrap team.