Mass Effect 4’s Development “Somewhere In The Middle” Stages

BioWare studio director Yanick Roy, in a series of tweets spotted by IGN, has revealed that the next Mass Effect game’s development is “somewhere in the middle.” Roy replied to a fan asking about the game’s development, and whether it’s still in the early stages, or late in development in which Roy gave his reply. 

Just last month he tweeted, “I apologize for not having any new info on the next Mass Effect for you. It’s because our focus is on doing it right over doing it fast!” He was also asked whether or not we’ll see the game at E3, to which he expressed his hesitation “to start announcing announcements.”

Very little is known about the title except for the fact that it won’t feature the original trilogy’s protagonist, Commander Shepherd, and won’t be a direct sequel to Mass Effect 3. Though it does look highly likely we will hear news regarding the title, we shouldn’t expect a proper release date for quite some time.

Bioware has Dragon Age Inquisition releasing later this year as well, to further add to the fact that we won’t be playing the latest Mass Effect game in our homes.