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Lingering Questions: Predictions for The Wolf Among Us Episode 4

The third installment of Telltale’s episodic fairytale noir series may have crept up on fans but it’s time that we move away from discussing the episode itself and into the realm of speculation surrounding the next installment, In Sheep’s Clothing.

Be warned, here there be major spoilers for the first three episodes of The Wolf Among Us.

A Crooked Mile spent as much time introducing new characters as it did thickening the plots of existing ones and there’s a lot of directions the next episode could take. While there’s never a shortage of speculation when it comes to things like this, it’s also important to take a look at how our previous predictions panned out.



In our last predictions piece, myself and Cameron made a number of predictions and while some ended up being on the mark, others were less so.

One of our major predictions was that Nerissa would end up as killer’s next victim. While that didn’t quite pan out this time around, there’s still a distinct aura of mystery surrounding her character and given the killer is still at large, there’s always next time.

The predictions we made when it came to the matter of Crane’s guilt and the fate of the Magic Mirror ended up being a bit more accurate. As we suspected, the evidence incriminating Crane was far too convenient and while his future with The Crooked Man and Bloody Mary is pretty shrouded, it’s clear he’s not the one Bigby is after. Similarly, while the Magic Mirror was out of commission this week, it won’t always be the case and I’m almost certain it’ll come into play again before the series is out.

The Wolf Among Us Predictions

Our prediction that Snow would turn against Bigby didn’t end up coming true this time around but it definitely felt like things are heading that direction. The interactions between the pair got increasingly frosty in this episode, particularly when it came to choosing the fate of Greenleaf. I wouldn’t be surprised if she strikes out on her own in the next episode and forces Bigby to find a new investigation partner.

Although he didn’t quite gain control over Fabletown as we predicted he would, Bluebeard definitely made strides towards becoming an antagonist in this episode. It’s clear he has his own reasons for wanting to hunt down Crane and I’m looking forward to seeing in future episodes is how his own investigation impacts on Bigby’s. I also have the most sneaking suspicion that Telltale will build him up as a villain and then give Bigby a pretty gut-wrenching moral choice concerning him at some point.



After the grievous showdown that closed this latest episode the biggest questions on our minds undoubtedly concerned the series newly unveiled antagonist, The Crooked Man. While the title of ‘The Crooked Man’ itself comes from an old British nursery rhyme, it’s entirely possible and more than likely that he’s another Fable in disguise. All we really know about him is that he works with Georgie and that he’s probably involved with Crane’s embezzlement charges.

The Wolf Among Us Bloody Mary

Keeping in mind the bold brutality of Bloody Mary’s debut, it’s clear that he’s not a figure with any fear of authority and this leads me to believe that while he himself isn’t the killer, he’s definitely going to be a big obstacle for Bigby in future episodes.



Given the desperate lengths that Crane went to to get Nerissa and the other girls of Georgie’s strip club to try and prove his innocence, it’s fair to suggest that Nerissa knows more than she’s let on. The trailer for the next installment of the episode shows her confessing something to Bigby and it’s very possible this could be the break he needs to move in the killer.

The Wolf Among Us Victims

There’s also still potential that the link between the victims could be the Pink Ribbons each of them wear and this means that while our prior predictions didn’t work out, Nerissa’s head could still be the next on the chopping block next time around.



Since his first run in with Bigby in the Trip-Trap, Jack has made himself pretty handy around Fabletown. I’ve always thought it might also be cool to see Jack step into the limelight of the plot a bit more and if the trailer for the next episode of the series is any indication, Fabletown’s signature rapscallion could be teaming up with Bigby in a big way. The trailer for In Sheep’s Clothing shows him being shaken-down by Bigby and given his shady nature and connections, I’d say it looks like Bigby will spend a lot more time chasing down vigilantes next week than he will solving murders. I’ll bet Jack knows a thing or two about The Crooked Man and Bloody Mary and I don’t find it hard to imagine that he’ll be the first person Bigby goes to and teams up with in his pursuit of them (although I imagine Bigby’s motives for doing so will be left in the player’s hands).




While it’s pretty safe to say that Bigby survives his run-in with Bloody Mary, it’ll be interesting to see if the injuries he sustained affect his investigation in the long term. It feels quite possible that his injuries will put Bigby in a position where he can’t just stomp on anyone who disagrees with him or gets in his way. Making Bigby more vulnerable would definitely ramp up the stakes, especially if another encounter with Bloody Mary is inevitable.

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