Nobunaga the Fool Episode 16 Review: When Missions Go South

For the longest time I’d been waiting for an episode of Nobunaga the Fool in which there was more interaction between Nobu and Jeanne. They started out with a lot of interaction, only to have it fall to the wayside. While this episode was certainly action packed, many of the characters shine brightly on the stage. Especially some of the scenes between Nobu and Jeanne.

But before all that, it’s revealed by King Arthur that the Holy Grail is in fact a regalia. Not only that but the twelve chosen are somehow connected to it, but no information was given as to how exactly. It’s only a matter of time before the Holy Grail appears, and it’ll either be the answer to all the problems or only cause further distress for everyone.

ntf16_screenshot1Having escaped from Cesare and his forces, Nobu and Jeanne find some convenient time to sit and rest while talking about what happened in the village they fled from. Apparently Nobu also once had dreams that could be interpreted as visions of the future, but they allegedly stopped once Nobu met Jeanne. Could this be a memory of a past life? Or maybe a hint of things to come? Or even a possible outcome in the future?

Either way there’s a very touching scene in which Nobu declares his determination to do the right thing, regardless of him being the Savior King or not. Jeanne seems to approve of what he’s saying, and even seems to be blushing as well. Although it’s still not clear if this is the starting point of a romantic relationship between the two. At this point it could go either way, it isn’t going in any particular direction like the Mitsuhide and Ichihime relationship that will never happen due to Caesar being a sneaky one.

ntf16_screenshot3Speaking of Caesar, he really has done a one-eighty since the series started. At first he was one of the big bad guys, now he’s jumping off the ship to save an injured Mitsu. Or at the very least he attempts to save him, only to get left behind with him when he fails to notice a trap left by Cesare on his Grand War Armor. I never would have expected Caesar to do that for anyone he met on the Star of the East.

Underneath the ruins of Jeanne’s village is something rather surprising. There is an ancient set of pillars referred to as the Pillars of Hercules. They allegedly allow travel between the two stars if they can be activated. Luckily, Himiko is able to open the way, but it puts a great deal of strain on her. Given that she has had to do this twice in such a short amount of time, I can only speculate on the effects that will have on her. Yet she may end up getting the short end of the stick because of Nobu not being able to stop and pay attention to her for more than a second.

ntf16_screenshot5Machiavelli gets some background story in this episode as well. She seems to want a Regalia so that she can be acknowledged by King Arthur. Apparently she is not considered to be a Knight of the Round Table even though she is seen sitting with them. Also, she apparently has some kind of mechanical eye. It seems like it improves her accuracy when using weapons, as she was able to graze Mitsu’s arm with a gun from a large distance away. She may be crazy, but perhaps she shouldn’t be underestimated. She may yet get the acknowledgment of King Arthur with skills like that.

As far as the next episode, it looks like Himiko will be a central figure. Not only that but it seems likely that there will be some interaction between her and her ‘betrothed’ Nobunaga. Caesar and Mitsu are seen in a prison caravan moving towards an unknown location, so it looks like they are captured and will be brought to King Arthur. Although with some of the lunatics that King Arthur has under his command, that may not end well for either Caesar or Mitsu.