New Dragon Quest Game In Development

A new Dragon Quest game is in development, according to series creator Yuji Horii. Game Jouhou (as translated by Gematsu), confirmed that Horii revealed the news that Square Enix is “making” the next game in the series during the Niconico Super Conference 3 this weekend. He wasn’t specific with details, failing to state whether it’ll be the next numbered entry, (which would be Dragon Quest XI), nor did he indicate which systems the game will be releasing on. The last two numbered games were released exclusively on Nintendo platforms. 

Another interesting tidbit to note in the original report is that fellow Dragon Quest developers Yosuke Saito and Anzai Takashi seemed to look surprised by Horii’s sudden announcement. It looks as though his revelation wasn’t planned, which would explain the severe lack of details. 

Dragon Quest X, an MMO, has yet to be released outside of Japan. The game launched all the way back in August 2012 on Wii before being ported over to Wii U, PC, and Android. It seems highly unlikely that we’ll the see the game make its way over to other territories.

Recently, Square Enix admitted to losing its focus over the past several years and has vowed to return back to its roots. Perhaps Dragon Quest XI could be one of the first games to showcase Square’s revival. The beloved series hasn’t made a splash worldwide since Level 5’s Dragon Quest 8 back in 2005.