Natsu And Lucy: Fairy Tail Romance or Unbreakable friendship?

The connection between Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragoneel has been in debate between the fans of Fairy Tail since the beginning of the franchise and only gains fuel with Hiro Mashima’s teasing the community with romantic moments between the pair, only to rip the carpet out from under us. However there is plenty of information to use as a mean of finding out where their relationship stands.

They share one of the strongest bonds between guild members in Fairy Tail. Though it could be argued that Gray and Natsu share a strong bond (Which is technically true) it isn’t to the extent of Lucy and Natsu. They seem to be beyond even romantic status as they have a trust and passion for each other that cannot even be counted as friendship nor romantic. It seems to be on another level to the normal bond of guild members. This stems from the fact that Natsu is the pure reason Lucy was able to join the guild and live the life she is throughout the whole show. Natsu seemed to see something in Lucy from the start, as he immediately offered to create a team together and from this point their bond has developed far more than other guild members or in fact any members from other guilds. The only bond within the Fairy Tail universe that could compare would be that of Natsu and Happy.

fairy-tail-122-22On many accounts Natsu risks his life and magic to safe Lucy from harm as well as breaking many a rule to make her happy. This is clear during the Magnolia Town’s Blossom-viewing season when he uproots the tree just so Lucy can view it from her apartment window. Throughout the anime he takes Lucy’s happiness and health very seriously and becomes so protective of her that at times the other guild members must restrain him before he does more harm than good for both her and his sake. These are all examples of why Natsu and Lucy’s relationship is debatable. You could argue that it is a strong bond that exceeds the need for romance or physical connection or that it’s a strong friendship that could never stray into the romantic type, however we do get a couple of episodes with Lucy beginning to develop feelings for Natsu. Though his is dropped rather quickly after the small slice of life arc, it’s clear from then that Lucy seems to have a small attraction to Natsu. Whether than be in the romantic way is yet to be seen.

A couple that is a good comparison to the pair is that of Asuna and Kirito. Though this pair is far from the same, they do have their traits. For example Kirito and Asuna have a strong bond that is not easily broken, though it’s true they do fall in love rather quickly in both the manga and anime, the bond between them never wavers even when Asuna is trapped inside another game. This proving that strong bonds created at an early stage can be one of the strongest. It’s nice to think of Asuna and Kirito as a future Natsu and Lucy. Though of course only to those who see the pair ending up in a romantic way as there are fans who do see them as having a purely platonic relationship.

SAO8_screenshot13Until the day Hiro Mashima reveals his true intentions behind the hints and teases it will forever be a mystery that fuels the Fairy Tail fans.