Mario Kart 8

Best Buy Offering Gas Voucher For Mario Kart 8

Thanks to Best Buy, Mario Kart fans are getting a goodie to rev up their engines for real.

The consumer electronics retailer is offering $10 “gas cash” towards Mario Kart 8 pre-orders via a specially provided code online. The promotion will stand from now until this coming 7th of June at all Best Buy store locations in the U.S.

The offer is detailed as follows:

• Pre-order Mario Kart 8 from 27th April 2014 to 29th May 2014 at Best Buy or
• Pay balance and receive Mario Kart 8 at Best Buy by June 7, 2014 and get $10 in Gas Cash.
• Receive code on register receipt and enter information at
•  Print out your Virtual Gas Cash reward.

Those picking up the game when it releases on launch day will receive a printed code on their receipts to enter at for their $10 gas voucher, redeemable at all U.S. gas stations accepting MasterCard. Preordering online will net you that same code through email within 24 hrs.

Mario Kart 8 races onto the Wii U this May 30th. The game boasts 32 courses both new and old, including two new Rainbow Road courses as well as a unique anti-gravity mechanic allowing players the ability to ride tracks upside down. There’s certainly a lot we still don’t know and already love about the game as fans eagerly await its release.


Source: NintendoLife via Polygon