5 Fictional Products that Rip Off Real Life

Don’t you hate the feeling when you are in a hardcore gaming session and all of a sudden you are feeling ravenous and by the time you actually eat, you wonder why you were hungry in the first place? You can thank product placement and the brands that developers rip-off in real life. From food products to electronics to clothing items, nothing is safe anymore. And when I say safe, I mean “products you wish were real but have to deal with the *sigh* “reality-based brand”. In honor of this smooth trick that is put into games, we highlighted our top 5 that are identical copies of their reality counterparts.


Fancy Lad Snack Cakes/Twinkies


Everyone wants a lifetime supply of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes, destruction of their enemies, and world peace. In that order. You know, the same life goals of the Twinkie fanatics when Hostess went bankrupt. The irradiated Twinkies-like product that are everywhere in the wasteland of the Fallout series seem to take a few notes from  the story that Twinkies will apparently last forever.  If we ever find ourselves in starvation mode in the Mojave after several tons of nuclear bombs have been set off and irradiated zombie creatures roam the earth, we know what to stock up on when we pilfer abandoned homes and stores. However, we think we probably should stick to Ruby Nash’s Radscorpion Casserole next time we are hungry on our journey. It seems a tad bit healthier.



Those damn kids with their damn shiny iFruits and their lack of an attention span that lasts no longer than half a minute. They also like to cry and moan when it isn’t working properly for them.  It’s the product that has a cult-like existence in San Andreas County, which sadly are necessary for daily  life, like calling hits out on your enemies and contacting your co-workers to help pick out a few pieces from the local jewelry shop. iFruit owners are kind of like my iPhone-owning sister; 21, bratty, and glued to their phones like it was surgically fused to their ear.

Nuka Cola/Coca Cola


It’s irradiated. It’s explosive. And it’s refreshing. It also comes in glass bottles that everyone loves to collect. Just like Great-Grandma Gertrude’s Coca-Cola collection, Nuka-Cola fizzed into the hearts of the inhabitants of the great Wasteland.  Besides being a great base for bombs, it also is good for removing the rust off of that 9mm Sub-machine Gun you stole found at Doc Michell’s clinic.

Noodle House/Noodles & Co.


There is nothing better after a night of being bailed out of a hospital room and drunken shenanigans than going to eat yummy noodles as a hangover cure.  It’s the quintessential food that you must have after drinking a ton of Ryncol Vodka and climbing statues.  We really couldn’t blame Grunt for making his way to Noodle House after celebrating his “birthday”. We do the same thing after an all-nighter. Take the exam, get blindingly drunk, and then demand our most sober friend to take us out for buttered noodles. Although we didn’t set a C-Sec car aflame, we still don’t have Mama Shepard to vouch for us when the police get called for our overly loud mouths.


A cup of Starbucks coffee sits on a table in a cafe in central Hong Kong

Even in the fictional world of Persona 3, people are addicted to their sickingly sweet coffee drinks. It probably doesn’t help that it’s laced with cough syrup. Just like how Starbucks coffee products can be really freaking sweet & how many are seemingly addicted to the product and spend millions of dollars on the brand a year, Starvicks caters to the same demographic with an added shot of an extra ingredient. Sadly, a cup of Starvicks is about $3.80 cheaper than our Starbucks. Must be why it’s so popular.


*Author’s Note: You can actually buy Nuka-Cola. Not necessarily from Bethesda, but from a European country that seems to have all of your favorite Nuka-Cola flavors. Irradiation sold separately.

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