King Oddball Review

Imagine you are this floating ball with a rock helmet and you use your tongue to throw rocks at tanks, helicopters, and soldiers all with the prime objective of ending the world. In King Oddball, the recent mobile game ported to the PlayStation 4, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

King Oddball brings you simple and charming graphics and adding addicting gameplay, all while providing simple controls and repeating tasks. Your main goal is to use your tongue to swing and throw rocks into tanks, helicopters, and other obstructions in order to end the world. The thing that makes it stand out from the rest is your ability to bounce one of your rocks off of an object and potentially earn a combo streak. Hitting 3 enemies in a row will earn you an extra gold rock, which is only just an extra rock, rendering it being gold unimportant. Another way to earn one is to bounce one of your regular rocks off an object or enemy and then have that rock bounce up and hit King Oddball. Only having to use one button made the game seem very simple, but that was definitely not the case. It is all about timing and how soon or late you release the rock. I found myself restarting levels because I released a second late or early, but as time progressed I started to get the swing of things. Pun intended.

The graphics really stood out the most. It brings in beautiful hues of purple, blue, yellow, and some green, making it really shine on the PS4. A very relaxing vibe made King Oddball all the more enjoyable and kept my interest through out its seemingly repetitive levels. They did a great job of taking flat and simple colors and making them extremely vibrant.


The levels are simple, maintaining a consistent challenge throughout while introducing new elements to heighten the difficulty. It keeps the player wanting to do better on each, which level kept my interest moderately high. The addition of trophies, for those PlayStation trophy hunters like myself, added a sense of replayability in order to achieve them. A few notable ones are “All Birds With One Stone” where you need to complete an entire level using only one rock, while others like “Headache” are earned by hitting the King with a rock three times during a level. Each trophy adds more enjoyment and keeps the player striving to earn it. I found myself replaying levels several times to improve my previous go through or to earn a specific trophy.

In addition to trophies, the game also adds the reward of a diamonds for replaying each level and completing it without using all of your stones. This adds a great amount of content and replay value to the game throughout its many levels.


While the game does a great job of keeping your interest by making you want to replay a level to do better or earn trophies and diamonds, I found myself losing interest during the home stretch before I finished the game. That map has a big size, which is great to have more content, but like Angry Birds I lost interest in short period of time. The repetitive nature of the game really started to stand out more and more as I started to pass more levels.


King Oddball is a great game that you can throw on perhaps after a rough game of Call Of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4 to enjoy a fun, relaxing, and laid back time. Keeping me roped in by trying to earn the trophies and diamonds throughout the game, I got lost in multiple levels replaying them until I perfected the level or earned that certain trophy. It brings new elements to the game to make it stand apart from similar games like Angry Birds. All in all, I enjoyed most of my time spend with King Oddball, and even though he wanted to end the world, I still found myself joining his cause to help him achieve his goal.