Nobunaga the Fool Episode 15 Review: Historical Butchery

The fifteenth episode of Nobunaga the Fool did in fact have Jeanne playing a much bigger role than she has in the past, although most of that time is spent being tied up and tortured mentally and physically. Again, we have an episode where the writers didn’t do a whole lot of justice for the characters based on historical figures.

Speaking of historical figures, another member of the Knights of the Round table has been named. The woman with purple hair is none other than Machiavelli, one of the most well known individuals from the Renaissance who also wrote The Prince. Again they insist on making a historical figure a female rather than keeping them male, but that isn’t as much of an issue this time. The other change they made to Machiavelli would be enough to make him turn in his grave. They made her a complete nut job. Everything she says and does just comes off as creepy and weird.

ntf15_screenshot4Also, Caesar found a scapegoat to hide the fact that he killed Hannibal in the previous episode. He blames Nobunaga for her death, and apparently it is enough to convince King Arthur. Perhaps the supposed “Savior King” has put a bit too much trust in his minions? Or perhaps he doesn’t care either way. Although his plan revolves around individuals referred to as the Chosen, and it’s implied that the other members of the Round Table are those Chosen. It is unclear what this means, but I imagine that will come to light sooner or later.

I had thought that Nobunaga and the other characters would not have much presence in this episode but that wasn’t the case. After a week of offscreen time, Nobu and everyone else all gets onboard Himiko’s ship and travel to the Star of the West. They invade with plans to rescue Jeanne, with Nobu doing this presumably to get back one of the people under his command that can use a Regalia. Of course, there could be more to it than that but time will tell.

ntf15_screenshot2The parallel between this Jeanne and the historical one was an interesting touch, especially the part where she was nearly burnt at the stake. However, she is saved in the nick of time by Nobunaga and his allies whom use fog created by Himiko’s Regalia to sneak in. Once again Nobu proves how impressive his skills are by defeating two Grand War Armors with only a bow and a couple of arrows.

For most of her life, Jeanne has been feared and hated by the people in her village. Even her own supposed friends treated her like dirt, calling her a devil spawn because of her powers. Yet in spite of all that, Jeanne users her Regalia to save the villagers including her friends. I guess she is really able to look past all the bad things, especially the fact that her parents were exiled by the town. Although, her efforts to save the town may have been in vain in the end. Not because the people still hated her, but for another reason.

ntf15_screenshot6Jeanne and Nobunaga escape just in time to avoid getting killed by something very strange that happens at the end of the episode. The weird crystal formations throughout the area start glowing and all of a sudden buildings, trees, land, and people all turn into a substance like ash, sand, salt, or dust and then shatter into millions of pieces. Honestly I have no idea what that was about, it wasn’t explained but I imagine there is some reason why even the people turned into ash and shattered. Although I imagine it has something to do with the destruction that is occurring throughout the Star of the West.

So it seems like the series will now focus more on the Star of the West, as essentially all the main characters are now there. Odds are they will be more fighting, and possibly King Arthur has his own deck of magic future predicting tarot cards. Or it could signify that Leonardo might get captured, but I imagine that it is likely the former over the latter.