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The Conquest Bundle Now On Steam

Bundle Stars has released a new bundle out on Steam called The Conquest Bundle. The Conquest Bundle features 12 games and 3 DLCs all for the price of $4.99. The Conquest Bundle has about $110 in savings.

This bundle offers a wide variety of games, ranging from first person shooters to real-time strategy to platformers. Ever since their launch in 2012, Bundle Stars has put out a nice collection of bundles that give players a chance to play games they may have missed the first time.

Games that are included in the bundle can be found below. Trailers can be found for each game by clicking on them:

All of the games run on Windows. Mac and Linux users only get Ballpoint Universe-Infinite. After players purchase the bundle, all they need is their Steam account and they will be good to go.

The Conquest Bundle ends on May 19. The Toxic Bundle, the last bundle released by Bundle Stars, ends on May 7.