Sony Trademarks Kill Strain And Entwined Ahead Of E3

Sony has filed two new trademarks for unannounced games called Kill Strain and Entwined ahead of this year’s E3. The company filed its trademark applications with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) on April 14 for Entwined and April 15 for Kill Strain. Both are listed as “computer game software.”

Sony’s North American branch, according to public website records, registered in March 2014. Entwined however does not appear to be run or operated by Sony. The company has yet to confirmed both trademarks. Whether or not both are actual new IP set to be revealed in June is something we’ll have to anxiously wait for.

Sony has yet to date its E3 press conference, unlike both Ubisoft and EA, but we expect it to host the conference during the late evening, per usual. The company did promise, earlier this year, that it’s commercially successful PlayStation 4, which has gone on to sell 7 million units worldwide, will have a total of 100 games released for it this year.

In terms of PlayStation exclusives, we only now of The Order: 1886, and the delayed DriveClub. There’s also Naughty Dog’s new Uncharted game, which did lose both of its lead directors months ago. So it’s not entirely out of the question to see two new exclusives announced in June.

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