Blizzard Announces Hearthstone “Fireside Gatherings” Starting April 26

Blizzard has announced on their Hearthstone website that a new meetup event is being scheduled at coffee shops, book stores, and dorms across the country. These events, dubbed “Fireside Gatherings” allow players to meet fellow local Hearthstone players and earn the “Fireside Friends” card back for their decks.


The events have been started to celebrate the launch of the iPad version of Hearthstone, and can be hosted by anyone with the desire to host one. Information can be found on how to host an event by visiting the official Fireside Gatherings website (which also has a list of currently planned events).

To unlock the exclusive Fireside Friends card back, players must play three matches against players on the same network. They can be challenged using either the friends list, or the new Players Near Me feature. In order to make it officially a Fireside Gathering, at least three people must be logged into Hearthstone on the same network.

More event listings can be posted and viewed on LiquidHearth.