King Settles Its Differences With The Banner Saga And CandySwipe

In a well documented and controversial trademark attempt, King has apparently settled its differences with both Runsome Apps and Stoic Studio’s.

King, the developer of the hit game Candy Crush was widely criticised earlier this year when they attempted to trademark the common words “candy” and “saga”. Not only did the trademark controversy ensue, but King also opposed fellow game makers Runsome Apps and Stoic Studios. Runsome Apps is best known for its game CandySwipe and Stoic Studios are the creators of the tactical RPG The Banner Saga. The conflict between studios seems to have arisen due to Runsome and Stoic’s game titles heavily involving the words that King was trying to trademark.

However, Runsome Studio’s posted on their CandySwipe website yesterday that they had “amicably resolved [their] dispute with King over the CandySwipe trademark”. Runsome’s founder Albert Ransom continues by saying “I am withdrawing my opposition to their mark and they are withdrawing their counterclaim against mine. I have learned that they picked the CANDY CRUSH name before I released my game and that they were never trying to take my game away. Both our games can continue to coexist without confusing players”

Stoic Studio’s posted an update on their site that they had settled their differences with King as well, saying “Stoic is pleased to have come to an agreement with King regarding Stoic’s The Banner Saga trademark, which enables both parties to protect their respective trademarks now and in the future.”

So it seems that the candy saga battle is over, and all parties have seen to their differences amicably. Whether this will impact King’s attempts to trademark the words candy and saga is yet to be seen.