Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 Review: Julius Caesar to the Rescue

As far as episodes go, I’d have to say that this one has been the most bizarre mix of good story and strange decisions on the part of the writers. It has a lot of story development and will present a change of scenery in the next episode or two. Yet the drama and unexpected turns are not enough to make up for what was done to some of the historical characters. So let’s jump right into this episode to see where it is weakest.

As an interesting combo, Hannibal and Charlemagne arrive on the Star of the East. Their mission is to retrieve the regalia from the Oda Clan. The first red flag that was raised was the fact that Hannibal is now a female. Why? I may not exactly be an expert on history, but I know that the historical Hannibal was not female. This is the first time they’ve made this much of a change to one of the characters based on historical figures. Unfortunately this synchronizes with another bizarre change. Charlemagne and Hannibal are possibly lovers or something like that, it’s hard to tell but there is some sort of connection between these two. Whatever the case, it’s rather creepy. Also, Hannibal was turned into a bit of a psycho so that was an unfortunate change.

ntf14_screenshot1Although as far as combat goes, Hannibal and Charlemagne make a deadly combination. Hannibal uses the regalia of water while Charlemagne uses the regalia of wind. The combination is ice cold enough to freeze even another Grand War Armor completely solid. These two, through the use of a cheap trick that alters the environment into a winter wonderland, are able to easily defeat Nobunaga, Jeanne, and Hideyoshi. Of course, Nobunaga would’ve had a better chance had it not been for Jeanne and her infinite capability of being utterly naïve.

So what did Jeanne do this time? Well at one point in the fight Hannibal and Charlemagne freeze some of the innocent bystanders in the fight. They threaten to kill the hostages if Nobunaga doesn’t hand over the regalia. The hostages don’t dissuade Nobunaga from attempting to attack the duo, but Jeanne blocks the attack and hands over her regalia in the hopes of the hostages being freed. What she doesn’t realize is that Hannibal and Charlemagne were the kind of folks that had no intention of letting the hostages live. So Jeanne gets captured and Nobunaga is nearly killed, but the day is saved by none other than Julius Caesar.

ntf14_screenshot4Caesar seeks to make his wife, Ichihime, happy. So during a cute scene in which Caesar bakes a chocolate cake just for Ichihime, she persuades him to choose her over his loyalty to King Arthur in order to protect Owari, as it is currently under attack by Hannibal and Charlemagne. Apparently it isn’t a hard decision for Caesar to make as he immediately turns on Hannibal and Charlemagne. To make things even more surprising Caesar’s ally, Uesugi Kenshin, shows up just in time to decimate the reinforcements that Hannibal calls in. Kenshin makes short work of Charlemagne and attempts to kill Hannibal with the help of Caesar. However, Charlemagne pulls out the cockpit containing Hannibal and launches her off world just as he self destructs to buy her time.

The surprises don’t end there. Hannibal is naturally pissed about the loss of whatever Charlemagne was to her. As she plans on taking her anger out on Jeanne, she is betrayed and killed by another member of the Round Table, Caesar. The reason behind this betrayal is unknown, but I imagine it will come into play in the next episode as he is seen talking to Jeanne in the preview. Speaking of the preview, it looks like it will take place mostly on the Star of the West and will focus more on Jeanne. Not only that but it looks like she is going to remain held captive by the Knights of the Round Table. Although it doesn’t seem like they are going to kill Jeanne of yet, so that means she will likely be saved in the episode after the next one or at the end of the upcoming episode. However, that remains to be seen until next Sunday.

Overall this episode was alright, it had a great deal of story and character development. Especially with Caesar, as he’s gone from being a complete jerk to honorable and determined to please his wife in the name of love. Were it not for that weird part with Hannibal and Charlemagne I think I would have liked this episode more.