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Square Enix: DRM Here To Stay

In an interview with TorrentFreak Adam Sullivan, Square Enix’s senior manager in business and legal affairs, has stressed the importance of anti-privacy measures for Square Enix , including the often bemoaned DRM practices.

“The primary benefit to us is the same as with any business: profit,” he explained.  “The key to DRM is that it can’t interfere with the customer’s ability to play the game.”

DRM, in its short history, has been heavily criticized for doing just that, with a prime example being Sim City. 

“It’s not uncommon for people to get a new computer every few years, or to have multiple computers. Sometimes they don’t have reliable internet connections,” Sullivan stated, talking about the issues of finding viable anti-privacy solutions. “There’s no perfect solution yet.”

But it does seem like Square is one of the few companies advocating for DRM, as major publishers and hardware manufactures, such as Sony and infamously Microsoft, have strayed away from always online and DRM.

“We have a well-known reputation for being very protective of our IPs, which does deter many would-be pirates,” said Sullivan. “So long as we’re concerned about things like data privacy, accounting sharing and hacking, we’ll need some form of DRM.”

With Sony’s stance against DRM, it’s becoming more apparent as to why it has decided to sell its 9.5 million shares of Square Enix’s stocks after having them for over a decade.