Respawn: We “Don’t Care” If Titanfall Is Making A Profit

Developer Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall producer Drew McCoy has stated that he does not know or care if the game is making any profit. For McCoy, it’s good enough that he go to make a product that he enjoys, and that’s what success means to him, he told Gamespot. 

“I don’t know if it’s making a profit, I don’t know if it’s meeting sales expectations. I don’t really care,” McCoy said. “I care that I worked on a game that I can sit down and enjoy playing. The fact that people enjoy it and it has made enough that we [get to] continue supporting it as a studio, that’s to me a success. We make games because we love them and we want other people to play them with us.”

McCoy, elsewhere in the interview, was asked whether or not Titanfall has been able to branch out of the fps norm that has been plagued by annual Call of Duty and Battlefield titles.

“I don’t know if we’ve disrupted it. People are still going to make the cinematic 5-6 hour single-player, they’re going to make the multiplayer, and maybe co-op that sandwiches in between,” McCoy said. “They’re still going to throw 600 people at it, and do production values for production values’ sake. But what I hope it’s done is opened up designers to trying new things.”

“There’s been some really colossal failures…there’s been games that looked at what’s popular and go ‘oh, if we have this, people will buy our game.’ And then it just completely fails, because they missed the reason as to why that game was good and they didn’t try anything new,” he added. “So I hope what Titanfall does, as a gamer and as someone who wants to see the industry get better and make cooler stuff, is try new things and not just try and copy what’s good.”

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  1. timgruver

    Hah, don’t think that’s 100% true on their part, (doesn’t exactly pay the bills) but it’s nice that they care about player satisfaction too. Beats some companies.

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