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Martin O’Donnell, Halo and Destiny composer fired by Bungie

The classic Halo theme is an anthem to all gamers. The man responsible for this and many other beautiful soundtracks, Martin O’Donnell, has been fired from Bungie Studios. O’Donnell is known for the composition of most of the Halo series, Myth, and Oni.  O’Donnell was also expected to be the composer for the upcoming game Destiny, a title that has been surrounded with extreme hype and one that gamers everywhere have been expecting to have the memorable sounds of O’Donnell’s work.

O’Donnell broke the news in a twitter post last night that he was “terminated without cause” by the Bungie board of directors. The news was confirmed today in an article from Bungie.net, titled “There are those who said this day would never come…” saying that O’Donnell and Bungie parted as friends, which may or may not indicate an discrepancy with the two parties involved. There’s currently no news as to why O’Donnell and Bungie have gone separate ways, but hopefully there will be light shined upon the incident within the upcoming days, as gamers everywhere are flabbergasted as to how such a long and dynamic relationship could come to such an abrupt end.


No matter the outcome, we can all remember the fantastic work that Martin O’Donnell has been responsible for, including his most recent work with the Destiny trailer along with almost the entirety of the Halo series. Perhaps it may even be reasonable to make a guess that O’Donnell could get a call from 343 Industries for the upcoming Halo games.