OrangePixel’s Groundskeeper2 Pits You Against Alien Robots

An old-school, 8-bit-esque game in which you have to collect bits and bobbles to open portals and shooting alien robot enemies in order to order to beat the game? Yes, Please!

Groundskeeper2 is a fast-paced, old-school arcade game that will test your survival mettle.  Launched on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Chrome, Ouya, and Gamestick. Groundskeeper2 focuses more on shooting and collecting bits ‘n’ bobs to open new world portals, than just hunting for new goodies such as weapons and shiny toys.


OrangePixel released their sequel, Groundskeeper2 to a Mini-ludium dare shooter game in which they created in 48 hours. Realizing that the game was so well received across Android and web platforms, they saw that there is room for expansion and improvement.

Staying true to their chaotic and crazy style, the game starts out small: one weapon, one world, 9 lives. In order to progress, you need to collect the bits and bobbles to open portals to other worlds. Be warned though, it isn’t easy as it sounds. I’ve been playing on my tablet since Groundskeeper2 came out and it’s been quite difficult and very addicting. It’s a game for every gamer, but not every person who plays will unlock the game 100%.  It’s up to you to accept the challenge and beat the game to become the hero of resistance.

Pro tip: as you shoot your way through enemies and picking up the pieces for the portals, make sure you shoot the crates for the life hearts that lie inside. It’s very easy to go through nine lives in a matter of seconds.


It ultimately based on your improvement as a player.  As you slowly increase and build up the arena-game, you will unlock new worlds, weapons, and enemies. Basically, all the game-y goodness that you crave from games.