New Watch_Dogs Ad Is Terrifyingly Awesome

The new Watch_Dogs advertisement is the best and most terrifying use of Facebook. Those who are interested can go to and log in with Facebook (and no, they will not post anything to your wall.)

After logging in and going through with it, the ad really gives a feel of what the ctOS is and it’s function. The advertisement goes back to the awesome introduction video that was show before Watch_Dogs premiere back in 2012.

The website starts off with putting up photos of myself, saying how easily recognizable I am. The website does not stop there, it goes into showing which friends fall into certain categories. The categories are friends who are stalkers, liabilities, scapegoats, and obsessions. Further down, the website shows which words I use the most and if I’m dangerous to society, which I am. At the end of the website, it shows how much a digital shadow can be. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate this information is. All in all it’s a really neat advertisement that drives the point of the game home.

“Your data casts a digital shadow that grows with every online interaction and can be tracked, monitored and used against you. Every photo. Every email. Every purchase. Everything you’ve ever done in the digital world can follow you into the real world. Your actions leave you exposed_”

The open-world game is about to be released. Watch_Dogs will be available on May 27 for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and will be coming to the Wii U later this fall.