Assassin’s Creed IV Leap of Faith

Ubisoft: Not All Gamers Want Chainsaws and Girls In Bikinis

Ubisoft Montreal studio head Jade Raymond has stated that she’s fed up with video games that “treat gamers like idiots.” Raymond, in an interview with The Grid, has said that she believes games can be much more than popular tropes.

“I don’t like the assumption that all people who play games want big chainsaws and women in bikinis. It’s like, really? Not all gamers are teenage boys, and even teenage boys want more than that,” Raymond said.

The interviewer agreed with Raymond’s assessment, and has said that most game protagonists are “husky voiced, emotionless asshole[s],” which she agreed with.

“It’s got to change, right?” she said. Raymond even used action movies as examples of a form of entertainment that have been able to evolve and contain more complex set of characters.

“The video game world is improving, too: We’re seeing some variety,” Raymond said. “Grand Theft Auto has been doing a good job picking interesting main characters in recent years–like the new-immigrant underdog. There still isn’t a game where you get to play an old lady. That’s my dream.”

Ubisoft is developing two new Assassin’s Creed titles, Unity and Comet, and has confirmed that Far Cry 4 is indeed in development. The company has also dated its E3 press conference in which we should expect it to showcase said games.

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