SMITE Kumbhakarna

The Sleeping Giant Kumbhakarna is coming to SMITE

The Sleeping Giant Kumbhakarna is coming to Smite. Hi-Rez Studios has revealed that the Hindu God Kumbhakarna will be a playable character for the free-to-play MOBA game, Smite.

Khumbakarna’s abilities include a passive power that has him fall asleep when his health is reduced to zero, a charge attack that sends enemies backward and an area-of-effect stun attack that mesmerizes all enemies in range. His ultimate attack is called Epic Uppercut, which sends an enemy flying upwards and deals area-of-effect damage to other enemies upon landing. His abilities are discussed in the official god reveal video here.

In Hindu lore, Khumbakarna is the pious and intelligent brother of Ravana. His brave nature earned the god, Indra’s jealously. Indra had the goddess Saraswati tie Kumbhakarna’s tongue while asking for a blessing from Lord Brahma. He asked for sleep instead of his request for the seat of Indra and as a result, Kumbhakarna slept for six months.

Hi-Rez Studios is also giving Isis a new skin called Scarlet Coven along with several other small tweaks and patches.The update is scheduled to roll out on April 15.

Smite is MOBA game that features mythological deities such as Zeus, Thor and Isis, as playable characters. Unlike most MOBAs, Smite uses a third-person perspective as opposed to the traditional map-view. Smite was released March 25 and is currently available on Windows.