Child of Light

Child of Light Sends You To Lemuria In Latest Trailer

Ubisoft’s Child of Light is ramping up for release by the end of the month, again showcasing the world of Lemuria in a brand new trailer. In it, we take a look at several curious locales throughout the game, from what appears to be woodland villages to castles in the clouds. Watch its wonders come alive in the trailer below.

“Oh, to explore the wilds of a land unseen. To come away to a place far more bigger than a dream,” the trailer so describes its experience to players. The game aims to recapture the classic essence of JRPGs via its turn-based battle system, and with footage like this, it may accomplish just that.

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Child of Light releases this April 30th on Wii U, PC, PS4, PS3, X-Box One, and X-Box 360.


Source: Ubisoft Official YouTube Channel