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Top Ten Most Addicting Browser Games

This list could be considered NSFW as you will probably get nothing done after you are finished reading. Just a friendly warning you that your productivity is going to suffer, and since these are all browser games and don’t require much power you can still play these even on your 8 year old Windows XP PC at work.


10) 2048


It would be fair to say that 2048 is what inspired me to create this list after spending an afternoon trying to get to the dreaded number 2048. Gameplay is fairly straightforward as you combine squares that have the same number until you get to the number 2048. You start off with combing 2’s then 4’s, 8’s and so on until you can get two 1024 blocks which then combine into a 2048 block. Like other games on this list, it might look easy at first but after your first playthrough you realize just how hard  it is to win.


9) The Last Stand

the last stand

Shooting zombies is always fun. And zombie shooting is always a good time waster but what sets The Last Stand apart from other zombie games is the time management section after each night. As after each wave you have to your time efficiently to make sure that your defenses are up to snuff. As during the day you are able to repair your wall, to looking for survivors to looking for weapons. What makes this zombie game exciting is that there is a bit of luck as you never know if you are going to get a new weapon or if your survivors will survive the day looking for supplies.


8) Learn to Fly

learn to fly

Who doesn’t love penguins? They are so adorable and who doesn’t want to help them fly.  This a game where you have to help a penguin fly by helping them glide and by upgrading its ramp and equipment until it can achieve its dream of flight. There is something that is just calming about flying through through the air with a penguin in a glider.


7) Canabalt


Set in a dystopian future you have one goal here, and that is to run from danger. Even though the only thing that you can do is jump this game is addicting. As every playthrough is different and the game always finds new ways to throw new hazards in your way.


6) Desktop Tower Defense

desktop tower defense

This list would not be complete without at least one tower defense game. What makes Desktop Tower Defense addicting is that you can make your own maze; by placing the towers anywhere on the map, you can control where the enemy troops move. Every time you play you can try and build a completely different maze.


5) Happy Wheels

happy wheels

Happy Wheels is one of the few games that make traumatic injuries funny. With the multitude of characters and user-generated maps you will have plenty to kill time with. Happy Wheels is a fun game where you will be having a good time either winning or getting torn into bits. Also, with each character being unique there are multiple styles of play as well as many different game types. Maps range from simply getting to the finish line to accomplishing specific tasks such as dunking your son to destroying a certain object.


4) Dino Run

dino run

Dino Run is a simple game with simple graphics and a simple premise: out run the apocalypse. You must help a dinosaur navigate an increasingly dangerous landscape as you look for the sacred dino sanctuary.  Along the way you pick up dino eggs as they will allow you to upgrade and make it possible to escape certain doom.


3) Bejeweled


Candy Crush eat your heart out. Bejeweled is the ultimate time wasting puzzle game as you get to go at your own speed. In classic mode there is no way to lose and you are just focused on getting a high score. Iif you need a challenge you can always go to speed. This is important as you are not being rushed or being pressured when playing so that means that you will not be annoyed or be on the point of raging while playing. The game is also challenging in that you are still advancing through levels and the levels get more complicated as you play. You can play causally and go at your own pace, or you can look for combos as you try to beat each level quickly. Bejeweled also has the ability to make your brain think in different ways that you won’t see in other games.


2) Robot Unicorn Attack

robot unicron attack

Robot Unicorn Attack is the big brother to Canabalt. It takes the basic concept of Canablt and enhances it with a useful dash attack and a calming background song.  The best thing about Robot Unicorn Attack is how peaceful it is and how calm you get from playing it.


1) Line Rider 

line rider

Line Rider is the best time waster as it has no objective to complete. It more of a playground than a game. As you simply draw lines for a sled to travel on. It is a big time waster as you will spend many hours perfecting your course and being able to have your sled do crazy tricks from jumps to loops. There is also something very satisfying seeing a creation of yours come to life and working to perfection.

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  1. Jmoore52

    Very happy to see some of my favourite games in there. I can confirm the addictivity of Desktop TD especially. In fact, the same can be said for a lot in the tower defense genre; Gem Tower Defense, Gemcraft, Protector, Cursed Treasure, Bloons. Time well spent!

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