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Seven Gaming Heroines to Watch in 2014

Female video game characters are often as rare a breed in the gaming scene as anywhere else in a media all too testosterone fueled. Nevertheless, there are times when those special heroines that steal a spotlight for all the right reasons. The year of 2014 shouldn’t be discounted from that list. Check out the best of the best that will surely make a splash alongside the guys this gaming season.


Bayonetta (Bayonetta 2) 

See Bayonetta run. See Bayonetta shoot. See Bayonetta beat the crap out of Heaven’s angels. If there’s any doubts to be had about Platinum’s wickedly good witch with a sultry air to her strut, it’s certainly not her style. A thirty-something Umbra Witch pushing 500, Bayonetta is one fine lady with one mean kick to the face of any foe, and that’s why we love her so.

It’s all the better that we get exactly that and then some thanks to Nintendo and Platinum’s latest gaming buddy-ship. It’s one thing for your former rival’s soul to get sucked up by the Devil, and it’s another to have the guts to tread the depths of heaven and hell to get it back. We can only hope Bayonetta’s faced with as much as she journeys to Mount Fimbulvinter, beckoning the kind of answers to her sordid past that we think she deserves along with all of the insane action we expect of Platinum. If bullet-arts still pack the same punch, we’re in.

Clementine (The Walking Dead)

It’s hard growing up, and it’s even worse doing so in an undead apocalypse. Yet Clementine persists as the heroine she’s splendidly turned out to be, not only one going up against the world, but as someone not even old enough to drive if there was such a thing as driver’s ed. Her external innocence masks her shocking maturity amidst the wasteland she endures, but more important than that, she speaks to players as the eyes of the players growing harder against Telltale’s impossible grain.

The Clem we remember from our first season was helpless, unsure, and just a tad shy. The Clem of our second season is anything but. So far we’ve already seen Clem fend for herself and brace the elements with or without the motley new crew of fellow survivors. The choices aren’t easy. In fact, they’re about as unthinkable as characters like Clementine usually are. All the while, gender and age are hardly factors that shape her. She’s merely the kid in all of us we forget we still are. . . and fear to lose.

Snow White (The Wolf Among Us)

If we could consult a mirror whom the smartest of them all would be, it’s certainly be Telltale’s Snow White. The makeshift mayor of a fairy tale town run amok with ne’er-do- wells and miscreants, Snow’s icy disposition belays her humanity in a slum where honor comes second and agenda comes first. Firm in principle while open-minded, stern yet compassionate, Snow’s a layered conscience to the The Wolf Among Us that even Bigby desperately depends on for a moral compass, and so do we.

It’s little wonder then that Snow is easily just as intriguing to watch as her harrier compatriot Sheriff as Telltale’s episodic noire story unfolds. We’re all sure to be fascinated by how Fabletown truly measures up to something that breaks or shapers her administration, or how much she truly care deep down for that Big Not-So-Bad Wolf. It’s doubtful we’ll see a happily ever after we know isn’t coming, but anyone deserves one, it’d be Snow.

Aurora (Child of Light)

We all have days when we could think of nothing else but dream of a better place and time. Aurora can do nothing but snooze her adventures away. Falling asleep from a peculiar ailment, the fiery-haired lass wakes up in the magical land of Lemuria for where she must rescue the sun, moon and stars to escape. Not exactly a quaint task for an ill-fated catnap.

It’s not only refreshing to have an interesting female lead in a game, but particularly pleasant to have a character above the usual formulas befalling video-game heroes. No prince charming and certainly no helpless damsel atop a castle turret, Aurora recalls the spitting image of Brave’s Merida with all the cool magical powers Pixar missed out on. We look forward to what kind of delightful fairytale Ubisoft has up its sleeve and can’t wait to see what this child of light can do for the upcoming RPG.

Maya Fey (Phoenix Wright Vs. Ace Attorney)

It’s just hard to love Maya Fey. Yes, just like that tag-along kid sister some of us might’ve had growing up, Maya’s always there to remind us not just when we need to be sure of ourselves, but when we honestly need to smack ourselves and just use our common sense. A sunny side to some not-so-cheery subject matter in Phoenix Wright’s cases, Maya’s always the spirit-medium assistant every ace attorney needs when it comes down to cracking a case so wide open it can’t be superglued.

With the Phoneix Wright and Professor Layton universes finally crossing over this year (later for us Americans), we’re hopeful Maya will get her time to shine as much as the good professor’s own Luke Triton. Honestly, the two would be the perfect side-kick pairing, wouldn’t they? Horrid fan fiction to be made by the masses to come we suppose. . .

Oracle (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Behind every great man is a great woman, an all-seeing, all-hearing one in The Dark Knight’s case. Barbra Gordon might’ve sacrificed the most in Batman’s services throughout the years and her wheelchair bound desk job makes it painfully evident. Shot and paralyzed by the Joker sometime into her tenure as Batman’s “Bat-girl” sidekick, her field days cost her a heavy price the more than makes up for as the caped crusader’s tech-savvy eye in the sky.

All the better that Rocksteady finally decided to give us a good look at Gordon’s “Oracle” for Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s about time we get a face to go with that voice in our ears since our time in the asylum, and it means getting to know a bit more about the woman behind the future (or current?) Justice League’s Watch Tower base, we’re all for it. We hope the struggle between maintaining her own secret identity while combating her father’s complicated relationship with the Bat will be as deep as the studio teases, because we sure want to know how every dad deals with their daughter bringing home Mr. tall, dark and cowled.

Isabeau D’Argyll (The Order 1886)

If you’re the kind of history buff that’s well-acquainted with Arthurian legend, you just might recall that the titular monarch’s mother was named Lady Igraine. The Order: 1886’s dystopian denizen Lady Igraine is a youthful-looking warrior named Isabeau D’Argyll alive for centuries of war with alternate England’s “half-breeds” via some Black Water miracle cures. She seems to have a close kinship with fellow Round Table knight and mentor Sir Galahad, and through the years the two become fond of one another, though their allegiance to The Order forbids them from ever acting on any underlying feelings. Quite the steampunk soap opera if we do say so.

Thankfully, Isabeau’s character extends beyond her relationship with Galahad. Described be developers are strong-willed, loyal to The Order, and no slouch in a fight, Isabeau seems to be every bit the knight her male peers are. We sure hope she gets to have just as much fun as the boys come later this year when the game is set to launch, because nothing puts us in the mood than a proper lady quite unproperly dismantling mutants in merry old England.


                                               Ladies First

Didn’t see your favorite 2014 gaming heroine on the list? We’re only human of course. Tell us which ones stole your heart this year in the comments below!

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    RogueWatson Indeed, good of you to remember her.  And hey? Quite a few leading ladies right here! 🙂

  2. ctsugg

    Red is definitely a protagonist I’m looking forward to seeing in action soon.  Also eagerly awaiting to see Zero in Drakengard 3.

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