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Geek Cultured: Ghostbusters

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With that in mind we thought it would be a good idea to start off with a thrilling topic for this post, and what could be more thrilling than Ghostbusters?

Picture it, New York City in the mid 80’s, where an army of ghosts and ghouls are plaguing the city’s streets. Somewhere off in the distance an old ambulance’s siren wails over the howling of the undead…The Ghostbusters are back.

After all, with the recent news from Ghostbusters Director Ivan Reitman that a 3rd film is in the works despite the unfortunate passing of Harold Ramis (Egon Spengler), it seems that we’re all long overdue for some new nifty treats, toys, and tricks to satiate the kid inside us all.

So without further ado we present a wondrous assortment of Ghostbusters paraphernalia sure to make you geek out!


Quick! Name a drink you relate with a certain awesome 80’s franchise you really enjoyed…Blue Bantha Milk? Nope. Nesquik!!? Not even a franchise, but nice job trying.

I am of course speaking about the original discontinued, deliciously amazing, slime infused Hi-C drink that launched a thousand ebay businesses.

Pictured: NOT Blue Milk.

Pictured: NOT Blue Milk.

We know this is one that is sure to be a blast from the past…Ecto-Cooler! A sure fire way to impress your friends at your next film night is with this DIY Ghostbusters Ecto-Cooler recipe. Just follow the recipe listed in the link below, and before you know it you’ll be an 8 year old kid with a hyperactive sugar rush, again!

Quench your thirst for nostalgia at:


We all know someone like this…acts apathetic, can be a pain in the ass at times, cracks jokes that fit the mood all too perfectly, does it all while managing to be an incredible friend, and just so happens to bust ghosts for a living.

Ah, Peter Venkman, where would the Ghostbusters be without you? (Insert Joke Here). You’re not as cool as Egon Spengler, as childlike as Ray, or as laidback as Watson, but boy did you know how to be a lovable bastard. In short, you were the best parts of the 80’s and Bill Murray combined into an all too lovable character. Now you can be him too with the Peter Venkman Ghostbuster hoody!

Courtesy of Bill Murray's closet.

Courtesy of Bill Murray’s closet.

Go be stylin at:


Speaking of Venkman, its hard not to love this large Ghostbuster multi panel mural featuring none other than the V-man himself in all of this apathetic glory! Each part of this large mural is framed and printed on different parts of the english dictionary. So you can sleep soundly at night knowing that someone finally used their dictionary for something more productive than just learning.

Far more Productive...

Far more Productive…

WARNING: painting known to cause insane levels of feng shui, Psychokinetic energy, and warm feelings all over.

Find your inspiration here:


We can’t describe just how awesome this last item is, and quite frankly we think you’ll agree when we say that this post would not stand a ghosts chance without it! That being said, we hope you will agree when we say that no Ghostbuster is complete without their very own Proton pack!

Nuff' said.

Nuff’ said.

Get yours at:

This concludes our cultured adventure into the very best the web has to offer!

If you found this article strange…you know who to call.

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