Grey Goo Playable at PAX East

Grey Goo, an RTS by Petroglyph Games, will be allowing the public to play their new game at PAX East.

Grey Goo is a real-time strategy game that utilizes traditional base building and places emphasis on tactics over micro-management. Players will harvest resources, construct a base, build an army, and fight against their enemies. With players focusing on tactics, each decision carries more weight and can spell out either victory or defeat.

As a side note, Grey Goo is an end of the world scenario in which nano-machines destroy everything in sight. Basically think of the nano-machines in the 2008 version of The Day The Earth Stood Still and not the “nano-machines, son!” of Metal Gear Revengeance.

Grey Goo features a number of game modes. The game will include a campaign that focuses on three unique factions, competitive multiplayer, and single-player skirmish modes. Players will be allow to play multiplayer matches online with Steam and over LAN.

Petroglyph Games’ founding members has made some of the best RTS’ to date. The founding members were apart of Westwood Studios, which had a bright history in RTS making. The team has members who have worked on the Command & Conquer series, Earth & Beyond, and the Dune series.

As of right now, Grey Goo will only be available on PC by the end of 2014. The game will be available on Steam with no current plans of releasing the game on Mac or Linux. Grey Box is publishing the game.

Grey Goo is playable right now at PAX East in Booth #348. PAX East is currently running and will last until April 13.