EA Dates Its E3 2014 Press Conference

EA is the first company to officially schedule its annual E3 2014 press conference. The publisher confirmed to IGN that its conference will take place in the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium on Monday, June 9 2014.

EA hasn’t detailed, or even hinted at what it would show off this year, though it’s most likely that we’ll see both DICE’s take on the Battlefront series and fan favorite Mirrors Edge 2. Need for Speed and EA’s sport franchises have also been an annual occurrence at the show, so we shouldn’t expect anything to change in that end. There’s also the Star Wars game Dead Space developer Visceral Games has been hacking away at, and its project has become even more intriguing with the recent announcement that former Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig will be heading development.

Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony has yet to schedule their respective conferences, but all three usually have their own set dates. Microsoft starts the day off in the morning, with Ubisoft following suite in the afternoon, and Sony rounds out the day in the evening. We still don’t know whether or not Nintendo will have an E3 press conference this year, as they opted to only do a Nintendo Direct last year.

E3 2014 will run form June 10 through 12.