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Bound By Flame Combat Detailed

Focus Interactive, the studio behind the upcoming RPG game Bound By Flame, has released a gameplay video which details many of the features players will find in the game.

The video can be seen here, and includes an depth look at the combat system with a detailed commentary overlay.

Bound By Flame will have three classes available to choose from: Warrior, Ranger and Pyromancer. The Warrior focus’s on dealing heavy damage, breaking opponents defenses and knocking them back. The Ranger is a stealth focused character who uses dual blades to sneak up behind enemies and deal massive damage. Finally, the Pyromancer harnesses the players inner demon to control fire, using it to set their blade ablaze and throw fireballs at enemies.

Battles are described as being action packed but tactical, rushing headlong into a group of enemies may be your doom! Environmental triggers and traps, stealth and blocking and dodging are all required for a successful fight.

Weapons and customization were also detailed. Players have a ton of weapons to choose and craft from, allowing them to fight the way that they’d like. With the massive bestiary of creatures included, players will have many options on how they choose to fight them.

Bound By Flame will release on May 9th, 2014 for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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